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What is Positive Response?

Positive response is a resource available to members to help facility operators communicate the status of locate requests to excavator so excavators can confirm response prior to excavation.

Members can post responses to communicate with the excavator as well as have records of their responses.

Excavators can look up their ticket in the OKIE811 Portal to view the member responses. They will also receive a response notice via email after all participating members respond to the ticket or on the excavation date of the ticket.

Members can respond to locate requests through the OKIE811 Portal or upload responses from a separate response system into the OKIE811 Portal. Member Services will provide documentation outlining the set-up needed to upload responses.

How to Respond

To respond to locate request via the OKIE811 Portal, you must be a registered user.

Once you are logged into the portal, click “Respond” in the top left corner of the page.

The default view is the Open items displaying new locate requests and locate requests with an open status.

Ticket Number – Enter the ticket number and press Search to find responses for a specific ticket.

Reset – is used clear any ticket numbers entered before searching with the Advanced Options. If the ticket number isn’t deleted, the results will be the ticket number entered.

Click All to search for all open and closed responses for the user.

Dates – Enter the ticket date when using this search. The dates are required and are limited to 31 days.

Organizing the Results

Below is an image of search results for all Open responses.

Important: This list includes all tickets for all dispatch codes linked to this user and all facility types registered under each code. Meaning, if you have 2 facility types registered under one dispatch code, you may have 2 responses for the same ticket.


Above the results you will see the number of pages of results found.

At the top right of the results will be the number of results displayed out of the total number of results.

Navigate page to page by using the inside arrow buttons. The outside arrows will navigate you to the first and last pages.


Expand the columns by hovering over the line between the column you want to expand and the column to the right, then click and drag to expand the column.

Sort the results by clicking on the column header to sort ascending or descending.

The default is sorted by Work on which is the work/excavation date.

Add or Remove columns of data to the view by hovering over the column header and click on the drop-down arrow. This option gives you the ability to sort the results as well as add or remove columns to the results view.

Refresh - You can refresh the list of results at any time by clicking 

Print - Click  to print the list of results shown on the results view.

Export - Click  to export the list of results. This will include all data for all columns shown in the column drop down menu above.

Open Ticket - To view a ticket, select the ticket and press  on the tool bar.

Ticket View - In the ticket view, you have more options available, including Add Response.

Response Actions and Status

Response Actions - Below is a list of the response actions from which the user will choose. The response action chosen will appear on the ticket view in the OKIE811 Portal.

Definition – The definition is a description of the action and communication to the excavator. The definition will also appear on the ticket view in the OKIE811 Portal.

Status – The status is basically a completion status of the locate request for the user. If the status is “Open” the ticket will remain in the response queue until another action has been added to “Closed” the status. Once the status is “Closed”, it will be removed from the “Open” responses queue.

The user can add multiple responses to the ticket regardless of the status of the previous response added.

Adding Responses to the Locate Requests

Responses can be added from the results view or the ticket view.

From Results View - users can add a response to multiple tickets for multiple codes and multiple facilities. The user will choose the dispatch codes and facility types to respond to from the results view.

From Ticket View - When adding a response from the ticket view, you can only add a response to one (1) ticket because you can only view one (1) ticket at a time. However, the user can choose the codes and facility types associated with that ticket from the response box.

Responses from Results View

1. Select the tickets – Choose the tickets with the code(s) and the facilities you want to add a response.

  • Important: Pay close attention to the dispatch code and the facility types associated with the tickets you are selecting to ensure a response is added to the correct tickets, codes and facilities.

2. Add Response - Click 

Responses from Ticket View


1. Select a ticket – click on the ticket number you want to add a response to from the results view

2. Open Ticket - Click  to open the ticket view.

3. Add Response – Click

4. Select Codes and Facilities – check the boxes for the codes and facilities you want the response to be posted.

Notice: There are Facilities listed on the top of this Response box that were not on the Response box from the results view. This is because the user was able to choose the dispatch codes and facility types from the results view. When adding a response from the ticket view, only one (1) can be selected. The user can choose the codes and facility types from the response box.

Once you opened the Add Response box, then you can proceed with selecting the action.

Action – select a response from the drop-down menu.

Comment – use this field to enter any additional information regarding your response such as the size and material of an active underground facility required by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Pipeline Safety Title 165. The Comment field is limited to 1,000 characters.

Save – Click save to post the response to the items selected. After you click save, the screen will automatically refresh to remove the items from the results view, unless you selected a response action with an “Open” status.

Responses on Ticket View

Disclaimer – All tickets will have the disclaimer below on the ticket view via the OKIE811 Portal.

**The following facility operators have been notified of this locate request. Not all facilities listed are participating in OKIE811’s Positive Response System. Facility operators may also correspond directly with the excavator and their direct correspondence takes precedence over positive response provided on this ticket. Facility operators listed on this ticket that are not participating in Positive Response services will respond by marking the approximate location of the underground facilities or communicate to the excavator if they do not have facilities within the proposed area of excavation. Positive response does not relieve the excavator of their responsibility to use care when digging around underground facilities. **

 Below the disclaimer you will see the list of members notified for this ticket and their responses.

Participating Member Response –
The response information for members who participate in the OKIE811 Positive Response service is based on what the user enters. If the response section is blank, that company has yet to respond via OKIE811 Positive Response service.

Status – the status of the response based on the action selected from the response service

Timestamp – Date and time the response was posted by the user

Username – the username who posted the response

Action – the action selected by the user

Definition – the definition associated with the chosen action

Comments –Comments if the user adds them or if the action is “Other” comments are required.


Non-Participating Member Response Auto Close
Members who do not use OKIE811 Positive Response service are set up with a non-participant code to auto close their responses.

The Status for the auto response shows as “Closed”

The Timestamp will reflect the Date and Time the response is posted by the system, which is almost immediately afterthe ticket is created.

The Username reflects “by System”

The Action reflects “ResponseProcess”

The Definition will be “Company not providing Positive Response via OKIE811 Service. They will communicate positive response by contacting you or marking the approximate location of the underground facilities.”

The Comments will be “Company Not Participating in Positive Response

Important: Members who do not participate in the OKIE811 Positive Response service should respond directly to the excavator as outlined in the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act.

Positive Response Notices

Excavators also receive a Positive Response Notice via email. The notices are sent to the caller’s email listed on the ticket. The excavator should receive the notice when one of the following happen.

1. Either all the participating members listed on the ticket have responded to OKIE811…or
2. The specified work start date and time has been reached.

Below is the Positive Response Notice.

The Response Notice includes …

  • Some of the ticket information
  • The Positive Response disclaimer
  • The member responses
  • As well as a lot of great information regarding Positive Response as well as links to the law and safe digging tips

Use a Separate Response System?

For members who use a separate response system, you can upload responses from a separate response system into the OKIE811 Portal. Member Services will provide documentation outlining the set-up needed to upload responses.

The Positive Response Codes can be used by automated upload response system in place of actual wording.

For more assistance or additional information, please click here.