Dispatch Changes

 Dispatch Changes

  As personnel changes are made within a member’s organization, the information on file with OKIE811 can quickly become outdated. It is crucial to maintain the data on file with OKIE811 to ensure locate request notifications are received. This information is essential in ensuring ticket delivery in a timely manner. Our team is dedicated to helping you protect your underground assets and assist in any way we can.

Do you need to separate your locate request notifications based on geographic location? This can be accomplished by completing a New Dispatch Setup form below.  

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When Assets Change in Ownership

When assets change in ownership, both the selling and acquiring companies should contact OKIE811 prior to the effective sale date.

The Selling Company is responsible for providing a mapping file of the sold assets to be removed from the account. If all assets registered with OKIE811 are removed, contact Member Services to cancel your membership. We also ask the selling company to provide contact information for the purchasing company to continue protection of these assets.

The Acquiring Company is responsible for providing a mapping file of the acquired assets to be added to the account.  If the purchasing company is not an OKIE811 member, they will need to submit application for membership.

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