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The information members have on file with OKIE811 is closely protected. Only authorized contacts listed on your account can make changes to the information on file. The authorized contacts are personnel you have selected to maintain your account information. These contacts are also the recipients of the important messages from OKIE811. Below are the different contact types and their level of access to your account.

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Output Information

An output is each unique method on how the tickets are transmitted. Select the method you prefer. All members receive (1) primary output per/dispatch at no charge as our Basic Service. A $120 maintenance fee per year is applied per additional output setup under each dispatch. Please reference OKIE811 Fee Schedule to help make the best decision for your organization.

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Emergency Short Notice Call Outputs (Optional)

Emergency short notice callouts are made to notify members of locate requests with a dig time of 24 hours or less. These calls are in addition to your electronic notification. This is an additional output. A $120 maintenance fee per year is applied per additional output setup under each dispatch. For these automated calls to work effectively, the number we have on file must go straight to an individual or an individual's voicemail. Please list the contacts in the order they should be called.

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Registering Assets (Member Service Area)

Tell us how you will be sending mapping information regarding the location of your underground facilities.

Submit service area using Shapefile or KML/KMZ files. Complete File Submission Details below.
Submit Quarter Section Submission form providing Legal Descriptions: Range, Township, Section and Quarter Section(s).
Draw in service area using MSAM (Member Service Area Mapping) You will receive an email with username and password to login.
Request assistance to provide service area mapping.

Submission Information
I have read and agree to the Terms of Membership with OKIE811*