Mandatory Positive Response

Effective November 1, 2021

Responding to the excavator is mandatory in the State of Oklahoma, in accordance with the amended section 142.6.B of the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act, each operator of underground facilities shall provide a Positive Response to the notification center (i.e. OKIE811 via our Portal) prior to the expiration of the required notice period.  

Facility operators registered with OKIE811 are now required to communicate the status of locate requests through the Positive Response feature in the OKIE811 Portal to excavators so excavators can confirm responses prior to excavation.

Excavators must check for positive response at the notification center prior to excavating or demolishing to ensure that all operators have responded and that all facilities that may be affected by the proposed excavation or demolition have been marked.

Positive response does not relieve the excavator of their responsibility to use care when digging around underground facilities. Excavators should continue to check the excavation site, emails, voicemails, text, etc. prior to calling OKIE811 to request an additional notice. OKIE811 is not responsible for any damage loss or liability that may arise due to the use or misue of ticket response status information. 

Response Codes & Facility Types


Create a user account using the Sign Up button below. Multiple users can be registered for the Portal and Postive Response.  Each user will need their own unique email address. 

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For members who respond through a separate system can upload their responses into the OKIE811 Portal. Please our Member Services team at to receive documentation outlining the set-up needed to upload responses into the positive response system. 

Information Needed to Sign Up

  • User contact information (name, email and phone number)
  • Company Name, Address, Phone number
  • Member Code
  • List of dispatch codes to be linked to the user
  • Name(s) of personnel responsible for responding to locate request notfications for each code and facility type