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Avoid hold time on the phone and submit your new locate requests via the OKIE811 Web Portal!  It’s quick and easy!

To submit a locate request via the OKIE811 Web Portal, you must be a registered user.

At the top right corner of the page, click on “Login” and login to your account.

At the top left corner of the page, click on “Submit Ticket”.

submit ticket button

The left side panel contains your “Excavator information”.  You can make changes to this information anytime by clicking on “Update Information”. 

Review and edit the necessary fields. Any changes made here will be saved for the current ticket submission and any future submissions. 

Please note: The email address in the “Caller” section will receive the copy of the locate request once completed.

Click “Submit” to save changes.

Hint:     If the “Contact” person changes with various locate requests, you may change that contact information with each submission as necessary.

excavator informationupdate excavator information

You are now ready to enter the work site details.  All fields in red are required fields. Most fields contain contextual help to briefly describe what information is suggested for that field.

enter your work site details

Click on the drop-down arrow on the right side of the “Work Type” field to view a list of work types. Select the match or closest match to the type of work you will be doing. 

select your work type

Indicate who you are doing the work for in the “For” field, such as “homeowner”, “builder”, or a business or company name.  If you are a homeowner, you can enter your name.

In the “Extent” field enter how long you anticipate the excavation part of the job will take.  Please enter in days, weeks, or months.

Check “Explosives” if you will be using explosives for your excavation.

Check “White Paint” if you will mark the proposed excavation area with white to help locators easily determine the excavation area. Marking the proposed dig site for locators will ensure fast and accurate locating.

Check “Directional Boring” if you will be performing a directional bore under a roadway, sidewalk, driveway, etc.

Check “Access Issues” if there are access issues on the property such as dogs, locked gates, gated community, etc.  If this box is checked, you will be prompted to enter access issues into the “Remarks” field. Be sure to include specific instructions to access the property, such as: Contact John Doe 405-555-1234 before marking due to dogs.

Enter a job number or job name into the “Job Number” field if necessary.


The “Work On” fields display the approximate date and time that the 3 business days hours will be up.

Please note: The actual work date and time is based on when the ticket is processed and you receive a ticket number.  Your confirmation email will include that specific date and time.

The “Update By” date indicates the 7th business day from the present date.  For ongoing jobs, OKIE811 suggests an update every 8th business day to continue excavating on a valid ticket number.

The “Good Until” date indicates the 10th business day from the present date.  This is the date your ticket is good until if processed that same day.

The “Update By” date indicates the 8th business day from the present date.  For ongoing jobs, OKIE811 suggests an update every 8th business day to continue excavating on a valid ticket number.

Enter the work site location details:

Enter the work site location details:

 The “State” field should always be OK and is not editable.

Enter the county for the work site in the “County” field.  Click on the drop-down arrow on the right side of the “County” field to select a county or type the first few letters of the county to select.

enter the county for the work site in the county field

Enter the city/town where the dig site is located in the “Place” field.  Click on the drop-down arrow on the right side of the “Place” field to select a city/town or type the first few letters of the city/town to select.  A county selection is required to enter the Place information.  If the location is rural, please select the closest city/town to the dig site.  If the town/city is not listed, simply type the city/town name into the field.

Enter the city/town where the dig site is located in the place field

Enter the address information into the “Address” fields.  The address field contains 5 fields that may or may not have information.  In the first field, enter the address number.  In the 2nd field, enter the “Prefix” or select from the drop-down list.  In the 3rd field, enter the “Street name” for the address, this field is required.  If there is no address number, you would still need to enter street name the work site is located on in this field. In the 4th field, enter the “Street Type” such as ST, PL, CIR, BLVD, etc.  In the 5th field enter the “Suffix” or choose from the drop-down list. It is important to include all parts of the address to ensure the correct location is found on the map.

In the “Intersection” field, enter the nearby MAJOR intersection to the dig site.  Please include prefix, street name, street type and suffix as applicable. Example:  N May Ave and NW 63rd St.  Please avoid using the ampersand sign (&).

enter the address and intersection in the appropriate fields

Enter driving directions into the “Directions” field if applicable.

Best Practices for Directions

  • All rural locations and/or newer streets/subdivision that may not be available on the map will require driving directions.
  • Please start driving directions from the nearby major intersection and provide mileage/footages and compass direction to the location.
  • Include what side of the road it is on. Provide the approximate distance off the road if applicable.

In the “Remarks” field, enter additional information that may be pertinent to the excavation site.

 Best Practices for Remarks

  • Enter specific access issues information.  This is required if “Access Issues” check box is checked
  • Enter Latitude/Longitude (GPS) or legal descriptions for the dig site
  • Enter customer information

In the “Locate Area” field, enter the specific part of the property where the excavation is taking place such as front yard, back yard, East side, rear easement, etc.  

Best Practices for Locate Area

  • If excavating over a large property, provide approximate size of property or provide boundaries of the job
  • If working around an object, indicate what radius to locate around that object, for example: Locate 5ft radius of pole in front yard
  • If working a path, provide the description of that path from beginning point to ending point, including mileage/footages and compass direction

Once all of the ticket information is entered, you may mark the dig site on the provided map.  Marking the dig site is encouraged to allow quicker processing of your locate request; however, it is not required to submit the locate request.

mark your dig site on the provided map

To mark the dig site… select “Use Ticket” at the top right corner of the map to pull the map search results. 

select use ticket

 In the map search results on the right side of the map, under “Parcel from Address” select the address to view the address parcel on the map. 

select parcel from address

In the mapping toolbar at the top of the map, select “Use Selection” to automatically mark this parcel as your dig site, the parcel will turn orange.

select use selectionselect use selection


If you would like to manually mark the dig site, click “Mark Area” to start drawing a polygon around your dig site. Single-click to add vertex point and double-click to complete the polygon. The marking should be orange when complete.

click mark areaselect mark area

Review all information entered.  Once you are ready to send the locate request, click “Submit” at the top right corner of the page to submit the ticket to OKIE811 for processing. 

click submit

Once you click on “Submit” your ticket is being sent and is pending.  You will be prompted if you would like to enter another ticket or not.  If you would like to enter another ticket, select “Yes” and the form will automatically be cleared and you may begin entering your next ticket.

Please allow up to 3 hours processing time during normal business hours.  The locate request is not valid until you will receive a 14 digit confirmation number by email.  Once received, please review the ticket information and report any discrepancies to OKIE811 immediately.

If additional information is needed to complete the locate request, the OKIE811 CSR will attempt to contact you via phone.  If unable, an email will be returned to you requesting the additional information.  You will be required to re-submit the ticket.


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