OKIE811 Damage Report Ticket (DRT)

Posted on 10/17/2017


In August, OKIE811 notified all members of the new Damage Report Tickets (DRT), where a caller can report a damage to underground facilities. OKIE811 uses the notification system to report these damages to OKIE811 members. The Damage Report Ticket (DRT) will be a short notice ticket. It will be transmitted to all outputs that receive tickets with less than 24 hours’ notice, including call-outs.

Important: The format on Damage Report tickets are significantly different from locate request tickets. All members who parse their ticket data into a database are encouraged to update their parsing software to enable the receipt of the damage report tickets.

In addition to the DRT notifications, we are also making changes to the daily Audit Report. This update is to help separate the locate request tickets from the damage report tickets. The effective date for the audit report changes is Wednesday November 1, 2017.

Members may request outputs specifically for DRT notifications per dispatch code. In fact, members who have their tickets delivered directly to the locating company may prefer to set-up a separate output. This would ensure that the proper personnell who handle damages are receiving the DRT notifications.

Initially, OKIE811 will exclude the ticket fee charges for DRT notifications. A single output for DRT notifications per dispatch code will be provided at no additional charge. If additional DRT notification outputs are necessary, there are costs associated with the additional outputs, please reference OKIE811 Fee Schedule at www.okie811.org to help make the best decision for your organization.

Click HERE to view/download a Damage Report Ticket sample.

Click HERE to view/download an Audit Report with DRT as a ticket type.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule some time to receive test tickets.