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 Ticket Counts by Ticket Types Report Tutorial

OKIE811 wants to make it easier for members to access the data needed using real time reports. If you want to search for an existing ticket, view your ticket counts or pull a report of ticket details, it’s quick and effortless. This tutorial will guide you through the process of running each report.

To run a report, you must first  to your account at top right corner of the page.

Click on  at the top left corner of the page 

From the reports page, you will see a list of the reports and a description of each report.

The name of the report on the left side panel is how you will start the report.

Here is an example of the Dispatch Ticket Count by Ticket Type report, simply click on the name of the report.

Dispatch Ticket Count by Ticket Type - A count of tickets by ticket type for each of your linked dispatch codes with the option to filter a specific code.

You should see a box to filter the data by the dispatch code and dates.

You may enter the dispatch code to filter the report for a specific code or leave the field blank and the results will include all the linked dispatch codes for the user.

Enter the start and end dates for your search.

Below is an example of the ticket count results of multiple codes linked to this user.

If there are multiple pages of data, you can click the arrows to navigate through pages of data.

You may sort the data by clicking on the column headers.

Click “Export” to export data into a .CSV file