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Queue Feature

This tutorial will help you navigate and use the Queue feature of the OKIE811 Member Portal. With the Queue feature, Members can search and resend transmitted tickets. This feature is very helpful when your email or other services are down.

How to access the Queue Feature

Simply login to the OKIE811 Member Portal

Click LOGIN at the top right.

Review the OKIE811 Web Portal Terms of Use and click I Agree.

Enter your Username and Password. Your username will be OP-FirstName.LastName and can be found in your confirmation email.

Select Queue from the Options available in the top left-hand corner of the page. These options reflect the features you selected on your Portal Registration Form. If you would like to change the features linked to your username, please contact Member Services.

The Queue feature allows you to see ticket transmissions for any dispatch codes linked to your username.

Search Box: After selecting “Queue”, a grey search box will appear on the left side of the screen.

To have the best experience with the Queue feature and for optimal results, consider narrowing your date range and selecting a specific dispatch code. If the results for your search are too large, you may receive a network timeout message and may be required to try your search again.

In the Search Box, you have (3) options to search for tickets:

1. Ticket Number: Enter ticket number to pull up a specific ticket
2. Between Date Ranges:

  • Enter date ranges to generate tickets that were transmitted to all dispatch codes linked to your username during specified timeframe. Date range is limited to search 31 days at a time, going back 3 years from current date.

  • Click “Search” button

3. By Code: To only see tickets for a specific dispatch code linked to your username:

  • First enter a date range
  • Select a dispatch code

  • Click “Search” button

After searching, you will see a Results List to the right of the Search Box.

Results List

 Arrow Buttons allow you to skip from page to page within the results.

 Export allows user to download an Excel file of the results.

You can resend any ticket to a specific output. Please pay attention to which output you are resending the ticket. You can extend the Output Label Column by clicking and holding the border line on right side of Output Label box. Drag the line to the right.

Expanding the Columns

Expand the columns by hovering over the line between the column you want to expand and the column to the right, then click and drag to expand the column.

Sorting the Columns

You can sort each column into ascending or descending order by double clicking the name of the column or by clicking arrow on the right side of column header

Choose which Columns of Data to View

1. Click the arrow on right side of column header

2. Hover over the Columns option

3. List of Columns will populate. Check the box next to the columns you would like to be viewed in your Results List.

Double Click Ticket Number to Open Full View of Ticket

 Clicking this arrow will take you the previous page

 Print this ticket

 Selecting History will show ticket numbers for locates in a ticket’s history.

 Send a copy of the ticket to the email address associated with your username

 Send an email copy of the ticket to a different valid email address

 Select “Update” if you need to extend the ticket for another 10 business days and the lines DO need to be checked/refreshed by the locator. For more information, reference our Update a Ticket Tutorial.

 Select “Update – Extend” if you only need to extend the life of the ticket for another 10 business days and the markings are still visible and they DO NOT need to be checked/refreshed by the locator. The locators may or may not return to the site to validate the markings. For more information, reference our Update a Ticket Tutorial.

 Display the work area that was marked on the ticket by our Customer Service Representative.


 Options after selecting Show Map


Zoom Bar in bottom left corner of screen – Slide left (or spin mouse scroll roll toward you) to zoom out. Slide zoom bar to the right (or spin mouse scroll wheel away from you) to zoom in.

To Move Around Map

Pan will automatically be selected and allows user to move around the map.

Click and hold on an area of the map and move your mouse in any direction.

 Work Site – Clicking Work Site will take you from where you currently are on the map, back to the work area that was originally marked on the ticket by the Customer Service Representative.

To Measure A Distance

 Click Measure  

1. Single click on an area to begin measuring. A measuring line will appear. Drag this line in any direction you choose.

2. To not drag the entire line, single click between your beginning and ending points. The measurement total will continue to be calculated.

  • In grey measurement box:
  • “Part” reflects distance between (2) single click points
  • “Full” reflects the current distance from the starting point

3. Double click to end measuring

Clear A Measuring Line

While measuring, right click and a sub menu will appear:

  • Pan: This will clear the measurement line
  • Measure: Clicking this will allow you to continue measuring

 Back - Will take you to the Full Ticket View on the previous screen

 Allows you to copy information from this ticket into a new ticket to be submitted.

For more detailed information about submitting a locate request online, see our Submit A Ticket Tutorial
To get back to the Queue Feature from the New Ticket Screen, you will need to select Queue on the top left side of page.

For more assistance or additional information, please click here.