Welcome to the OKIE811 Member Portal Help page!

 The OKIE811 Portal is a great resource for members to respond to locate requests, pull real time reports, monitor ticket transmissions and much more. Here you can find helpful information on each feature of the portal. 

For any inquiries not answered here, please contact Member Services.  


The tutorials are great documentation and videos to guide you through each feature of the portal. 


The Frequently Asked Questions are a great resource to help answer some of the common issues you might experience with the Portal. Click Here

Positive Response

Positive Response is a resource available to members to help facility operators communicate the status of locate requests to excavators, so excavators can confirm response prior to excavation. Learn More

Recorded Webinars

The recorded webinars are a great resource of education regarding the Portal features as well as information about membership and responsibilities. 

Member Services
(800) 522-6544 or (405) 840-9955 ext. 4003
GIS(Service Area/Mapping)
(800) 522-6544 or (405) 840-9955 ext. 4008