When requesting a locate, the process is simple and should take about three minutes if the caller is prepared and has the proper information ready. In Oklahoma, simply dial 811.

After an initial answering message, a CSR will ask for the location where the excavation will be taking place. When the call is complete and all information validated, the OKIE811 computer system will assign a 14-digit confirmation number. Keep this confirmation number handy until the excavation is completed. You may need to refer to it later. As a reminder, all messages to and from OKIE811 are recorded and maintained for a minimum of 36 months. This is to protect both excavators and facility owners/operators.

OKIE811 will notify all Members with underground facilities registered within the area of proposed excavation. You may also submit your locate request by logging on to our website.

When making a locate request, please have the following information ready:

-       Excavator name/company name  & phone number
-       Mailing Address
-       Contact name, telephone, and cell phone number
-       Start date and time of excavation
-       Work site street and number (include north, south, east,  west)
-       County and town/city
-       Nearest intersection or highway
-       GPS-Latitude/Longitude (not required but helpful)
-       Township, range, section and quarter section (not required but helpful)
-       Type and extent of the proposed work
-       White line area of excavation
-       Type of equipment to be used (explosives, tunneling,  horizontal boring, etc.)
-       Work location (street, sidewalk, private property, front, rear, side, etc.)
-       Work being done for

Please keep your ticket number on file. If you need to report a problem, be sure to use it. Be sure to listen carefully to the list of Member companies being notified.

Remember, not all operators of underground facilities are members of OKIE811. It is the excavator’s responsibility to notify nonmembers for location of their facilities.

After the Call

After OKIE811 has been notified and a locate request has been created, the information about the excavation is transmitted to the Members. Members will contact a trained technician to either mark their facilities or inform the excavator that facilities are not in the proposed area of excavation. It’s important to have accurate contact information as part of the locate request.

Locations of member underground facilities will be marked with paint, flags and/or stakes, according to American Public Works Association (APWA) color codes. The approximate location of underground facilities is defined as a strip of land two (2) feet on either side of the underground facility size, taking into consideration the width of the facility.

If underground facilities need to be remarked because of work activity or weather has destroyed the original marks, contact OKIE811. Ask for an update request and inform the customer service representative that underground facilities need to be remarked. Remember to have your locate request number on hand to identify the location of excavation.

At the job site, be sure to “white line” or indicate the area to be excavated. This will give locators the exact location of the proposed excavation. It will also eliminate unnecessary marking.