Trees and shrubs

Planting trees or shrubs are an asset to your property and home. Knowing where to plant your trees and shrubs is important due to the underground and overhead facilities around your home and need to be planned in advance. Planting your tree to provide the best shade may not be the best choice. Be sure that you do not plant too close or on top of underground facilities or foundations, as trees or shrubs roots and branches may grow into your utilities lines or even disrupt your services. Contact your local nursery and find out about growth information to get the most out of your trees and shrubs. Watch the video below for some helpful tips to help prepare for your next tree.


Pools, ponds, and fountains

Pools and ponds need planning due to the depth they require for digging. Because of the depth for pools or ponds, not knowing the approximate location of underground facilities may put you more at risk than other excavations.


Fences are the most efficient method to protect your property and provide safety for your family back yard. Multiple fence posts are required and are more likely to be installed in the locations of underground lines such as right-of-ways, utility easements and near streets. Before you install your fence dial 811 (three business days) before you dig to make sure you do not disrupt you or your neighbor’s services.


Before you install your new mailbox, be aware they are located by the street next to street right-of-ways. Many of the new housing additions require all underground utilities to be located in front, within the street right-of-way. Not dialing 811 before you install your mailbox could become a very expensive do-it-yourself project affecting underground facilities.


Decks are much like fences in that they require several posts for supports and how deep you will have to dig. Most decks are located within proximity to homes and pools. Installing deck posts also places you near your home's private underground facilities.


Concrete Dig

Concrete sidewalks, patios and drive ways need to be located away from property easements and not over underground utilities. You need to take in consideration your private underground lines when planning to pouring concrete.