Your house contains many lines

All residential homes contain many kinds of underground utility lines. It's vitally important to your safety and the safety of your home and others to ensure their locations before starting any dig projects. Below are the types of utility markers we flag.

  • Proposed Excavation
  • Temporary Survey Markings
  • Electric Power Lines, Cables Conduit, Lightning Cables
  • Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum
  • Communication, Alarm, Conduit
  • Potable Water
  • Reclaimed Water, Irrigation, Slurry Lines
  • Sewer and Drain Lines

What Do the Markings Mean? 

APWA Uniform Color Code

The APWA, American Public Works Association, developed a color code for temporarily marking underground facilities prior to excavation. The color code encourages all excavators, surveyors and engineers to use these colors to promote and eliminate damages to workers, general public and prevent service interruptions to vital underground utilities.

Marking underground utilities with paint, flags, surface markers and underground marking tapes allows all excavators to understand the types of facilities and the approximate locations and routes of buried lines.

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Homeowner Roles & Responsibilities

Homeowners are always improving their property through many projects such as: planting trees, installing decks, mail boxes or digging for patios and sidewalks.

But often, they make risky choices not to have underground lines marked, but every digging job requires a call. The depth of multiple lines may vary on a project.  Without calling you can disrupt services to an entire neighborhood, harm you and your family and possibly result in owing fines and repair costs.


Many utilities lines are just inches below the surface. Contacting OKIE811 will quickly and easily begin the process of getting the approximate location of underground lines marked for free. Dial 811 at least three business days prior to your planned excavation and your call will be routed to the contact center.  The CSR will ask you a series of question in regards to what you plan to do and what type of work. In a matter of minutes affected local utilities will be notified and they should have the approximate location of their facilities marked within three business days so you can dig safely.

Many utility companies often bury their underground lines along existing property lines - potentially in the same area you are considering for your project! You may need to contact the local utility to make sure that you do not plant too close to utility service pedestals and meters. This could cause a potential problem as the trees or shrubs grow and mature.

By always using OKIE811 before you dig, you will ensure that your excavation project does not result in an unwelcome surprise to you, your family or neighbors!

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Service & Private Lines

Trench DiggingHomeowners have important role in ensuring underground utilities and underground private lines are protected.  When you contact 811, the utilities that are owned and operated by companies will be marked by professional line locators working on their behalf.  It is the homeowners responsibility to locate and mark any private lines that they installed or had installed by a third party service provider.  If you're not sure where private lines are in your yard, you can contact one of these locate companies and have the private lines located and marked at your expense:

Begin your project with the peace of mind and confidence in knowing you are utilizing safe excavation practices at home while preserving vital services, protecting property and saving lives!

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