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When should a farmer/landowner contact 811 and have underground facilities marked?  Well, excavation, which is moving or disturbing soil with mechanical equipment, can be a common activity for farmers/landowners.  Here are some examples of typical rural excavation activities that should prompt a call to 811 at least 3 business days before starting the work:

  • Installing or repairing drain tile
  • Fencing
  • Well drilling
  • Burying wire, pipe or dead animals
  • Digging a foundation
  • Setting a pole
  • Cultivating, plowing or other field activity at depths greater than 18-inches
  • Extending a gas line from a farm tap
  • Remote boiler/heating systems
  • Ditch cleaning, contouring, or grading
  • Adding geothermal ground loop
  • Installing wind energy systems

Damage to underground facilities is a major concern.  Damage can be to underground facilities that are owned and operated by companies as well as private facilities that are installed and owned by the farmer/landowner.  Private facilities may be found almost anywhere and include but are not limited to:

  • Yard lights
  • Secondary electrical lines and communication lines
  • Water, gas, or sewer lines not operated by a company

To have the operator’s facilities/lines located, simply contact 811.  Private facilities/lines should be located by either the farmer/landowner of the property or through a contractor that marks private lines.  It’s best if all underground facilities/lines are located before any excavation work begins.  Knowing what is below ground will help you dig safely above ground. The service is FREE.

Farm Tap

If you are a Farm Tap customer, you receive natural gas from your local utility from a “tap” into an interstate high pressure transmission line. If your farm tap is located in a cultivated field, be sure to exercise extreme caution when performing farming activities near your farm tap. If you hear sounds of escaping gas, blowing dirt or see a cloud near your farm tap immediately call 911.


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