Digging without knowing where underground lines are, even by homeowners, can cause disruption to vital services, costly repairs and environmental damages. Even worse, it could cause personal injury or loss of life. The first step in keeping unfortunate incidents from happening is to contact OKIE811 by putting in a locate request.

Homeowners have important roles and responsibilities in ensuring that underground utilities and underground private lines are protected.  When you contact 811, the utilities that are owned and operated by companies will be marked by professional line locators working on their behalf.  It is the homeowners responsibility to locate and mark any private lines that they installed or had installed by a third party service provider.  If you're not sure where private lines are in your yard, you can contact one of these locate companies and have the private lines located and marked at your expense:

Knowing what happens when you call will make that call quicker and easier. If you are a farmer or rancher, be sure to look up your responsibilities.

A guide to safe digging and other helpful tips are available for your reference.

What Do the Markings Mean?