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We are here to serve and protect homeowners across the Great state of Oklahoma. We are here for you to submit information about any home excavation projects you are planning, such as planting a tree, building a fence or any other circumstances that include digging in your yard. Our trained representatives will assist you in providing the necessary information to our member companies. Once notified of your planned excavation, members should locate their underground facilities or notify you if clear within 3 business days of your request.

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Invisible Fences 

(aka Hidden, In-Ground, or Wireless Fences)

Invisible FenceDid you know that when you have an Invisible Fence around your property, the radio signal that is transmitted out through the boundary wire can cause interference with Underground Line Locating equipment?

If you’re needing lines located on your property or locators need access to utility easements on your property, it is advisable to have the Invisible Fence transmitter disconnected while the line locators are at work locating underground utility lines. 

To disconnect the transmitter, simply disconnect the radio transmitter box from the electrical outlet.  Make note that your pet(s) will no longer be contained so be sure to put pets inside while locators are outside.

Line Locators can more accurately, effectively and efficiently locate underground utilities when they don’t have interference coming from other radio signals.  Your assistance is truly appreciated and will help ensure more accurate and timely locates across Oklahoma!