Searching and viewing existing locate request tickets is right at your fingertips!  You can use the mobile app to search by ticket number or perform an advanced search with specific filters.

On the Mobile App homepage, tap “Sign In”.  Sign in with your credentials.

After signing in, tap “Find Tickets".

tap sign in sign in with your credentials  tap find tickets

If you have the ticket number, enter the entire 14 digit ticket number into the ”Ticket” field, then select “Search”.

 If you do not have a ticket number, you can use the advanced searches to find your ticket.  Please note: the County plus one additional search filter is required for any search. Searches are limited to 30 days.

enter your ticket number

If searching by Place (City), enter the Place details in the PLC field.

If searching by Excavator, enter the Excavator details in the Excavator field

If searching by Street, enter the street details in the Excavator field.

If searching by Phone, enter the phone number in the Phone field. No need to enter dashes or parenthesis.  This search would be for the main office phone number field on the locate request.

After you tap “Search”, you will be presented with a list of results.  The total number of results will display at the bottom. Each result will display a ticket number, County, Town and address or street.

 tap a ticket to view

Tap a ticket to view further ticket details. 

While viewing the ticket, you have access to “Update” the ticket by tapping “Update” at the top right.

Click on the map icon at the top right hand corner to show the map.  This will display the polygon made on that ticket based on the work site information.  You can navigate this map by using your finger to pan the map and two fingers to zoom in and out.

view your ticket information click on the map icon to view the map

To go back to the ticket detail view, tap “Ticket” at the top left.

To go back to the results list, tap “Results” at top left.

To go back to the search fields, tap “Back” at top left.