You have questions, we have answers. We have created a series of helpful OKIE811 App tutorials as well as compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

OKIE811 App Sign In Tutorial 

OKIE811 App Enter a Ticket Tutorial 

OKIE811 App Find a Ticket Tutorial 

OKIE811 App Update a Ticket Tutorial 



What is the OKIE811 App?

The OKIE811 app is a tool for both homeowners and excavators. The application allows you to submit an underground facility locate request via your mobile phone and/or tablet. 

What platforms is the OKIE811 App available on?

The OKIE811 app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Simply use the phrase "Oklahoma 811" in the search bar and it will link you directly to our app. 

How much does the OKIE811 App cost?

The Okie811 app is completely free. That means it is free to download, free to use, and there are no add on fees.

What all can I do on the OKIE811 App?

The OKIE811 App will allow excavators and homeowners to submit locate requests through their mobile device. In addition to submitting new requests, the app will allow users to look up prior tickets using their ticket number. The app will also provide access to a digital edition of the OKIE811 Excavator's Guide, access to our Damage Prevention Team's Event Calendar, the ability to request free safety training for your organization, and a visual guide to understanding the color code flags and marks. 

Do I require a log-in to use the app?

In order to submit locate requests and manage web tickets, you do need a valid email address and password to log on. To access other features within the app, you do not require a log-in. Check out our video at the top of the page for a step-by-step tutorial on creating a log-in profile.