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We have a variety of online resources for excavators. Check out our Excavator Guide to get an in-depth look at the "call before you dig" process. We have a collection of Safety Video covering various topics from best practices to why you should call 811. If you have questions about submitting an online ticket we have video tutorials to help guide you every step of the way.  


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Locate Request Types


Locate Request Concerns


Normal Locate Request

A normal locate request is a non-emergency request where the excavator contacts OKIE811 three business days  prior to excavation and not more than 10 days prior to excavation.

Emergency Locate Requests

The law provides an exception to the three business days notice in emergency cases only. An emergency is an unavoidable situation that endangers life, health or property. In an emergency, excavation may begin immediately. Excavators must use extra care and precaution to protect underground facilities. Excavators should try to call before digging, but if they are unable, they should call as soon as possible. All operators of underground facilities within the area of the emergency must be notified promptly.

Demolition Request

By Oklahoma law, before demolition of a structure begins, operators of the underground facilities in the geographic area shall be given at least 7 business days notice, this excludes Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.  This notice shall be given to the notification (one-call) center after the excavator has met local code requirements for a demolition permit.  Important: This notice does not replace the excavator’s responsibility to notify the operators of the underground facilities directly to have the lines disconnected.  This 7 business days notice is only for the intent of demolition and the excavator shall notify the one call center once again no less than 3 business days before the demolition work begins.

Design Work - List of Companies Only 

No marking of facilities will take place. OKIE811 will provide a list of registered members located within certain legal description. It is then the requestor’s responsibility to contact those member companies to discuss their project.                                  


The Design-Survey Request is for the planning, design, or survey phase of a project when no excavation is taking place yet. The Design-survey is not a locate request and is not for the purposes of excavation. No marking of facilities will take place.

Okie811 will provide a list of registered members located within the design-survey area. It is then the requestor's responsibility to contact those member companies to discuss their project.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the Design-Survey Request.

Design Survey Request

Wildland Fire & Fire Breaks

 See the video below for an introduction and on how to submit a wildland fire ticket.


In cooperation with fire departments and other first responders across the state, OKIE811 will process emergency notices to members during an incident of imminent danger to underground facilities posed by wildland fire and firebreaks. 

When there is a wildland fire incident taking place in a particular county, it is expected that local fire departments will contact OKIE811 to report the wildland fire.

We will also use the emergency notice to members for firebreaks in an unplanned emergency situation in conjunction with a wildland fire. This process allows the onsite contact to coordinate with the member companies in determining the best location for the firebreaks.

Below is a sample ticket showing the information that will be required to setup the emergency notice to members: