The Importance of Safe Digging

The Law           CGA Best Practices

The key to successful and safe excavation is planning.  Oklahoma Law requires excavators to give at least 3 business days notice of planned excavation.  OKIE811 was established to provide a central point of contact for help you notify facility owners and operators who have underground operations in your excavation area.

Make the FREE call by dialing 811 or by submitting a web ticket and OKIE811 will make the necessary notifications so that facility owners or their hired locating contractors can come out and mark your proposed excavation site for FREE… so you can dig safely.

Simply tell us about your project including contact information, location, address, who the works being done for, what type of work is being done, how long it will take, and any special instructions needed to make sure the correct area gets marked. Once all the information is received, OKIE811 will provide you with a ticket number that serves as proof of your call.  In addition, OKIE811 will keep a complete record of your call to verify your compliance with the law.

Contacting OKIE811 is easier and faster than ever…OKIE811 now offers many new features for excavators to request their excavation information from anywhere in the state.  Simply submit your request by one of the following services;