1. Submit Your Request

    Submit a locate request by Dialing 811 or 800.522.6543

    The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will go over the necessary information to fill out the locate request such as the location of the dig site and the excavator’s contact information.


    Submit a locate request by going to www.OKIE811.org 

    A CSR will review your locate request for accuracy. OKIE811 will contact you if we require any additional information to process your locate request.

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  2. A Ticket is Generated

    Your locate request is finalized and a ticket number is generated.

    The ticket number is proof that the excavator contacted OKIE811 for excavation purposes.  The excavator should hold on to this number until the job is complete.  This number is how we will reference the dig site information if they need to call us back for any reason.  Additionally, if the excavator provided an email address, they should get a copy of the ticket emailed to them.

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  3. Notifications are Sent

    Notifications are sent to the companies/organizations that are registered with Oklahoma One-Call System, Inc. and who own underground assets within the buffer area* of the digging site.

    (*A buffer area refers to the area within a certain number of feet to the dig area.)

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  4. Lines are Marked

    Each of those notified companies send out employees or 3rd party representatives to mark the lines within the proposed digging area, or they will let you know if they have no underground lines in the proposed digging area.

    Locates should be completed by the work to begin date and time given by the excavator. Multiple owners/operators may be out to mark their facilities. 

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  5. Confirm Before You Dig

    After the required waiting period, ensure all lines have been marked and/or you have communication from all companies notified before you begin your project by checking for positive response.

    Please note that the location of the markings may not be exact so proceed with caution. The safe digging zone is a strip of land 2 feet on either side of the marking. Dig with care.

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