OKIE811 provides Underground Facility Safety Education online and on-site. You may request training at our corporate conference room, dedicated webinar, or on-site training at your location. We will provide OKIE811 promotional items and resources for those who attend. For webinars, we will mail items and resources to you prior to the webinar.

Free Education Offerings


  • Scheduled - Register to attend.
  • Dedicated - Contact us below to request topic and schedule date/time for your organization.

Educational Workshop

  • OKIE811 Conference Room 
  • *On-site at your designated location

811 Certification 

  • Individual Online Certification - New Updated Course Coming Soon
  • At your pace learning.

Premium Education Offerings

OKIE811 Facilitated Group 811 Certification

  • OKIE811 Conference Room
  • *On-site at your designated location
  • Workshop without a meal - $10 a person
  • Workshop with a meal - $25 a person.

*Attendance Requirements for On-site Workshop or Facilitated 811 Certification 

Distance from Office

Minimum Attendance

Within 50 Miles


51-100 Miles


Over 100 Miles


Requires Overnight Stay


If you would like OKIE811 to provide excavation safety education/training, please contact us with the form below.

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