Excavator Resources

OKIE811 has the Excavation Safety Guide or our Safety Video Library for our contractors and other excavators to utilize. 

Member Resources

Membership Documents and Forms are available for our member companies.

An OKIE811 Member is a facility owner/operator that is notified by OKIE811 when digging will take place near their underground facilities.




OCC Pipeline Safety Title 165

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Webinar Resources

If you would like to register for a future webinar, head over to the Education Events page and use the events calendar to locate your webinar. 

Missed a webinar and want to catch up? You can view any of our recorded webinars below

Watch Recorded Webinars


Podcast Resources

OKIE811 has produced an education podcast that covers a wide range of topics for both members and excavators. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn. You can also find the official podcast page using the button below.

OKIE811 Podcast


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Safety Day Resources

Every year OKIE811 offers Safety Day events across Oklahoma. Out goal is to reach excavators, contractors, and county/municipal personnel in these areas and provide underground facility safety education, best practices, and facilitate a mock line strike. 

Safety Days




Nothing fitting into your schedule?   

Request Safety Education


OKIE811 Promotional Media

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Should you have any questions regarding the logo use, please email Stephen Shenold.

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