New & Improved Process! 

Design-Survey Request

The Design – Survey Request is not a locate request and is not for excavation purposes.  If you will be excavating, please submit a locate request no less than 48 hours (not including date of notification, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) and no more than 10 business days before the excavation start date.

If you are in the planning, design or survey phase of your project and no excavation is taking place at this time, you can submit a Design-Survey Request via the OKIE811 Portal.  The Design-Survey Request will provide you a list of the underground facility owners/operators that are registered with OKIE811 in your project area.

To Start the Design-Survey Request process:

  • Login to your OKIE811 Portal user account. Go to “New Ticket"
    • (Go to ‘Sign Up’ if you are a first-time user)
  • Select Request Type: Design-Survey Request

Required Information for the Design-Survey Request:

  • Your Company Information
  • Your Contact Information
  • County
  • Place
  • Nearest major intersection to the project area
  • Physical description of the project area
    • Address, specific path of the project or boundaries of the project
    • You may include latitude/longitude points and/or Legal descriptions for reference
  • In order to accurately generate the list of facility owners/operators in your project area, you are required to mark the entire project area on the OKIE811 Portal map before submitting the request

Once you have submitted the Design – Survey Request, you will be giving a reference number and will receive an email of the request details including the list of facility owners/operators and any design – survey contact information available.  Not all underground facility owners/operators are registered with OKIE811. 

This request will not be transmitted to any of the facility owners/operators.  Your company would be responsible for contacting the facility owners/operators listed on the request or any others you are aware of in the area, directly, for further communication about your project. 

Please note:  OKIE811 does not view or verify the information submitted on the Design-Survey request.

For additional information or questions about the Design-Survey Request, Click Here to Chat with an OKIE811 Representative, email us at or call 800-522-6543.