April 13, 2020


     In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals, testing sites and other medical facilities may find the need to erect tents or like temporary structures in your community.  OKIE811, and our utility partners would like to remind you that the driving of stakes for the installation of tents creates a risk of damaging a buried utility line.   
     When there is a requirement for temporary emergency medical sites or when an essential business needs to setup outside employee screening where employees are screened prior to entering their worksite, and tents or other ground penetrating poles are needed, the following process is to be used:

    • Contact OKIE811 to submit an EMERGENCY locate request (i.e. ticket)
    • In the Work Type field, enter: “TEMPORARY EMERGENCY MEDICAL SITE”

     Emergency Tickets with this description in the Work Type field should be prioritized when locate requests are processed by the underground facility operator.
     If there are questions or additional information is needed, please contact Jerrell Welch at jwelch@okie811.org.  We appreciate your attention and cooperation in ensuring public safety and responding to the critical needs of our communities.

April 1, 2020


It’s extremely important that everyone play a part in protecting our underground utility infrastructure from damages that can cause service outages.  More people are working from home and rely heavily on their electricity, telecommunications, gas, water and sewer.  So be a good neighbor and follow these steps:

  1. Plan your Digging Project – be sure to allow more than 3 business days to have lines located, expect possible delays.
  2. Dial 811 or Submit a Ticket Online – OKIE811 is fully staffed and operational and will process your locate request upon receipt.
  3. Wait until ALL lines are Located – locators may be experiencing stretched or reduced workforces which may impact their time in locating your worksite. Please do not begin digging until your worksite has been FULLY marked.
  4. Respect the Locators Marks - If your work area extends beyond the original area you requested to have marked, request another locate. This isn’t the time to fudge and think digging a few inches beyond the marks won’t matter.
  5. White Line your Work Area – Locators can do their work more concisely and timely and worksite damages are reduced when you outline your proposed work area with white paint or flags.


March 26, 2020

OKIE811 COVID-19 Update:

OKIE811 is following Governor Stitt's executive order which prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people.  We have moved any upcoming events, such as our Annual Meeting of the Membership, to be held virtually.  Governor Stitt's executive order specifically names OKIE811 as an essential critical infrastructure service for the State of Oklahoma.  We are here to help ensure vital services that we are all reliant on more now than ever before, do not get interrupted by someone inadvertently damaging underground utilities lines.  Our contact center and administrative activities remain fully operational and we remain committed to the Public Safety of Oklahoman's.  


March 17, 2020

OKIE811 Members & Stakeholders:

We want to share with you how we are working to meet your needs during these uncertain times as well as staying compliant with Oklahoma Law.

  • As information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves and changes, OKIE811 remains vigilant in our commitment to provide quality service delivery on all locate request we process.
  • We are assuring the well-being of our employees and have moved most of our Customer Service Reps home. 
  • We continue to provide support and service to all members and users and can process service area updates as they are submitted.
  • At the current time, we do not have any provisions in the One-Call Law, nor any type of Declaration we can make, that enables us to limit tickets or only take emergency locate requests.
  • Lastly, we have negotiated a new date for our OK Excavation Safety Expo and are currently moving it from April 23 & 24 to July 7 & 8.  Visit www.okexcavationsafety.com for updates as they are made.

We want to assure you that we are here for you during this challenging time. We value the trust you place in our service and want you to know that our team and our support remain fully operational.  We are extremely fortunate to be part of a “One-Call” network comprised of other state one-call centers where we pitch in and support each other all across the Country when the need arises. 

OKIE811 does have a Crisis Response Plan that enables us to send workers home, to work from home.  Currently, all staff have the opportunity to move home if they elect to, however our main office is still open for now.  We remain able and available to process tickets 24x7.

Here at our contact center, we are communicating and encouraging strict adherence to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health authorities regarding regular hand washing and other measures to minimize the risk of our employees contracting or spreading illness.

We will continue to take the appropriate and necessary actions to keep our employees safe during this challenging time, while also doing our very best to minimize delays to the outstanding level of service you’ve come to expect from us. We appreciate your patience and ongoing business as we collectively navigate this rapidly changing situation.

Wishing you peace and good health from myself, the OKIE811 team and our Board of Directors.

Susan Bohl, OKIE811 Executive Director
405-840-9955 x7120


March 13, 2020


OKIE811 is classified as an Essential Service and is continuing to process all locate requests, 24x7. Excavators MUST continue to abide by Section 63-142 of the Oklahoma Underground Damage Prevention Act and ensure all underground lines in the excavation area have been located and marked before beginning any excavation project. Excavators are not to use mechanized equipment within 24 inches either side of the marked line but instead expose underground lines by hand digging.

Please continue to monitor our social media sites and our website www.OKIE811.org for additional information or for updates. 

The Team at OKIE811