What is an OKIE811 Member?

An OKIE811 Member is a facility owner/operator that is notified by OKIE811 when digging will take place near their underground facilities.

What is the cost to become an OKIE811 member?

There is a one time membership set-up fee of $325. Annual membership fees are determined by your classification and ticket transmission volume. The fee schedule is available in Membership Documents.

What is the responsibility of an OKIE811 member?

After receipt of the locate request notification, each member is responsible for locating and marking the approximate location of the underground facilities within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Whenever the member determines that he does not have underground facilities located within the excavation or demolition site, the member shall communicate this information to the excavator prior to commencement of excavation or demolition. For more detail please reference the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act section §63-142.6

What options do I have to make a payment?

Each member is responsible for providing a purchase order, if required. Payments can be made using one of the following methods:

  • Check
  • AFT/ACH - send forms to accounting department for processing.
  • PayPal - a 2.4% convenience fee is applied.
What are service areas?

A service area is mapping information that covers the locations of your assets. When planned excavation takes place within the service area provided, you will receive a locate request from OKIE811. You may submit a SHAPE, KMZ/KML, or  quarter sections submission of the assets you wish to register.  You may also use MSAM (Member Service Area Mapping) to manage your service areas. 

What is the difference in Membership and Dispatch?

Membership is the overall umbrella of your account with OKIE811 recognizing your company as an OKIE811 member.  Under the membership is a dispatch. A dispatch is how we notify your company of locate request based on a geographic area. A membership may have multiple dispatches.

What documentation is needed when assets change in ownership?

When assets change in ownership, both the Selling and Purchasing companies should contact OKIE811 prior to the effective sale date.

The Selling Company is responsible for providing a mapping file of the sold assets to be removed from the account. If all assets registered with OKIE811 are removed, contact Member Services to cancel your membership. We also ask the selling company to provide contact information for the purchasing company to continue protection of these assets.

The Purchasing Company is responsible for providing a mapping file of the acquired assets to be added to the account.  If the purchasing company is not an OKIE811 member, they will need to submit application for membership.

Member Services
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