What is Positive Response?

Positive Response is a feature available in the OKIE811 Portal that enables facility operators to communicate status of locate requests to excavators so excavators can confirm response prior to excavation.

It is a resource available to members to communicate, document and record their responses to the locate request notifications received. Excavators can view the responses through the OKIE811 Portal. Watch the video tutorial about how positive response works. 

Positive Response is required by Law

In accordance with Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act Section 63-142.6, all members shall locate and mark or otherwise provide the approximate location of underground facilities. Whenever an operator does not have underground facilities within the proposed area of excavation or demolition, the operator shall communicate this information to the excavator.

Keep in mind that while responding to the excavator is mandatory in the State of Oklahoma, submitting response information through the OKIE811 Portal is not yet required by law. Utility owners and operators currently responding to OKIE811 are doing so on a voluntary basis. Excavators should continue to check the excavation site, emails, voicemails, text, etc. prior to calling OKIE811 to request an additional notice. OKIE811 is not responsible for any damage loss or liability that may arise due to the use or misue of ticket response status information. 

Click HERE to view the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act.

New Pipeline Safety Regulation

Oklahoma Corporation Commission has updated the Pipeline Safety Regulations to include that each operator served with a locate request notification shall notify the excavator of the size and material of an active underground facility. This information can be added in the comments section of the response in the OKIE811 Member Portal. 

OCC Pipeline Safety Title 165

Positive Response option for high volume tickets

For members who respond through a separate system can upload their responses into the OKIE811 Portal. Please complete the Portal registration form and indicate your interest for the upload option  on the form. Member Services team will provide documentation outlining the set-up needed to upload responses into the positive response system. 

Prepare to have the following information ready:

  • User contact information, such as name, email and phone number. Each user will need their own unique email address. 
  • Company information such as Name, Address, Phone number
  • List of dispatch codes under your membership that should be linked to the user 
  • List of facility types registered under each dispatch code
  • Names of personnel responsible for responding to locate requests for each code and each facility type, more than one user may register to respond

Positive Response Registration

Positive Response Codes