Wildland Fire & Firebreaks

Posted on 02/28/2017


In February 2017, OKIE811 began processing emergency notices to members during an incident of possible danger to underground facilities posed by wildland fires and firebreaks.  These notices are being delivered as an emergency locate ticket but do not necessarily fall under the purview of a locate request unless a fire break is needed and there are underground facilities in the area of the fire break.

The purpose for these notifications is so One-Call members with underground facilities in the wildland fire area are aware of the possibility the first responders may begin building fire breaks.  These notices act as a communication to members so they can then begin their communications with the first responders.  

The command center chief is responsible for the safety of the people assisting with the fire and fire breaks.  It’s important that member company staff and line locators responding to this notices are in contact with the command center.  If anyone ever feels as though they are in danger, they should seek guidance from the command center chief and/or their direct supervisor.

For more information about this new process, visit Fire Break Notices