Surcharge for Callouts Delivered by Voice

Posted by Member Services on 09/05/2019

Emergency short notice callouts are made to notify members of locate requests with a dig time of 24 hours or less. These calls are in addition to your electronic method of receiving locate requests.  

OKIE811 rolled out the automation of the emergency short notice callouts through a service called Vocal Notify. For this automated process to work effectively, the number(s) we have on file must go straight to an individual or an individual’s voicemail.

Vocal notify cannot navigate through phone menus such as:

  • Dialing extensions
  • Pressing options in a phone tree, IVR, or ACD, etc.
  • Recorded greetings or announcements

Effective November 1, 2019, the members who have not switched to the automated callouts will incur the manual voice delivery surcharge. The fee is $5.00 per ticket delivered via manual voice by an OKIE811 Customer Service Representatives.

If you have not switched to the automated callouts or your current contact information on file includes a phone menu, please email Member Services to provide another phone number to directly reach an individual to ensure effective delivery of these emergency short notice calls.

Benefits of Automated Callouts
Automating the emergency short notice callouts will result in:

  • Receive emergency short notice calls faster
  • Shorter hold times to place emergency locate requests during after-hours when limited staff is available.
  • Continue receiving this courtesy notification 24/7 at little or no additional cost to you.

We value your membership and are continually seeking ways to enhance services for members