New 2020 Fee Schedule

Posted by Member Services on 09/05/2019

Each year we at OKIE811 forecast our budget needs and make the necessary adjustments to our fee schedule to ensure we're covering the operational expenses of the organization. As a non-profit organization, we work hard to ensure we're collecting the necessary revenue to cover our planned costs for the services we provide to all OKIE811 members.

The 2020 fee schedule has been approved by the Board of Directors for Oklahoma One-Call System, Inc and will be in effect November 1, 2019 for all services provided from 11/1/19 thru 10/31/20. To you as you prepare your 2020 budget, be sure to visit to review the new 2020 Fee Schedule and OKIE811’s official 2020 Holidays.

The key changes made to the 2020 fee schedule include:

  • Lowered rate per ticket for certain classifications and ticket volumes to bring all members closer to a more proportioned ticket rate
  • Increased rate per ticket slightly for certain classifications in an effort to more equitably share the fees and bring all members closer to a more proportioned ticket rate
  • Added New Premium Service Fees for Members requesting special services outside the scope of our regular member service offerings

Don’t forget! Register for the 2020 Fee Schedule webinar below to learn more about the schedule and how your dispatch set-up can impact your fees.