Membership Verification Reminder

Posted on 04/26/2017

Membership Verification is an opportunity for members to review or update information on file with OKIE811. This important process allows OKIE811 to deliver tickets and contact appropriate individuals. Each member company must complete verification for all dispatch codes under their membership.

Information on file includes:

  • Authorized Account Contacts
  • Outputs (transmission details for locate request notifications)
  • Registered Assets (service area mapping)

Out-dated information can lead to:

  • Over-notification
  • Delayed notification
  • Lack of notification
  • Damage to underground facilities
  • Injury to the excavator and the public 

Information on file with OKIE811 must be current to be compliant with the OKIE811 Membership Agreement and the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act.

A Certificate of Good Standing will be provided after completion of verification and membership fees have been paid. To receive the Certificate of Good Standing, verification must be completed by May 31, 2017.

Login to OKIE811 Member Portal to begin verification. It will only take a few minutes to ensure assets are protected and proper personnel are receiving notifications.

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.