Introducing the new OKIE811 Web Portal!

Posted on 04/04/2018

What's New? Everything!

  • Simplified Ticket Entry
  • Improved Maps with OKIE811 and Bing maps
  • Easy Ticket Management with Find Tickets and My Company's Tickets
  • View all the tickets you’ve submitted in the last 30 days
  • View Map from submitted ticket
  • View Ticket History
  • Print Ticket
  • Resend Ticket
  • Update & Update-Extend
  • Copy Ticket

Visit to start using the new OKIE811 Web Portal today!

We’ve even put together some short how-to videos showcase how to use these new features.
Click Here for our how-to videos and tutorials
To help you get the most out of our new OKIE811 Web Portal we have set up a schedule of webinars.
Click Here to sign up for the webinar that best fits your schedule 
While OKIE811 Team is really excited about these new features, we are continuing to focus on providing professional excavators, homeowners and member companies with the best service possible. This means we will be rolling out even more features over the next couple months. 

Coming Soon!

  • Easy Homeowner Ticket Wizard
  • New OKIE811 App
  • OKIE811 Member Portal
  • Positive Response 

NEW OKIE811 Portal