Improved Ticket Search Feature

Posted by Member Services on 08/15/2019

Your login to the old ticket search on OKIE811's website is no longer active..

Register for the NEW MEMBER PORTAL to find an improved Ticket Search feature with more search options and results. You will also see several other new and enhanced features such as:

  • Positive Response: Facility operators can now communicate status of locate requests so excavators can confirm response prior to excavation.  New
  • Find Tickets: Search existing locate requests by user or company name. The company name must be entered the same to search tickets by company.  New
  • Reports: Members can search locate requests and pull real time reports.
  • Queue: Members can search and resend locate requests transmitted to each output.  New
  • Ticket Entry:  Submit locate requests online with improved maps

 Register for the new OKIE811 Member Portal and start enjoying the new features today!