Avoid Unnecessary Costs by Switching to Automated Calls

Posted by Member Services on 10/02/2019

Effective November 1, 2019, any member of OKIE811 who has not switched to Vocal Notify, our new automated callout service for emergency short notices, will incur a surcharge. The surcharge fee is $5.00 for each ticket our Customer Service Representative has to call out.

Emergency short notice callouts are provided to notify members of locate requests with a dig time of 24 hours or less. These calls are in addition to your electronic method of receiving locate requests.  

Earlier this year, OKIE811 rolled out Vocal Notify, to automate the emergency short notice callouts. For this automated process to work effectively, Vocal Notify must reach an individual or an individual’s voicemail. If the number(s) we have on file for your membership go to an IVR or phone menu, you will be charged the surcharge sited above.

Vocal notify cannot navigate through phone menus such as:

  • Dialing extensions
  • Pressing options in a phone tree, IVR, or ACD, etc.
  • Recorded greetings or announcements

What are my Emergency Short Notice Calls Delivery Options?

Automated Calls: If you have not been switched to the automated callouts, you should have received an email from Member Services asking for an alternate number. Please reply and provide another phone number or confirm that the number(s) on file do ring directly to an individual. (No Additional Cost)

Deactivate Emergency Short Notice Call Output: If you no longer need to receive these calls, notify Member Services to deactivate the callouts output. Please allow at least 72 business hours to process your request. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion. (No Additional Cost)

If you wish to continue to receive manual voice calls: Effective November 1, 2019 you will begin incurring the additional $5.00 per ticket fee to continue to receive calls verbally delivered by a Customer Service Representative (Additional Cost of $5.00 per ticket) 

Vocal Notify (Automated Calls) Webinar:
To learn more about the automated call service Vocal Notify, please register for the Vocal Notify Webinar which will be presented Wednesday October 9, 2019. Register Today!