2017 Fee Schedule Notification

Posted on 08/29/2016

Thank you for being a valued member of OKIE811.  Our regular procedure is to setup members to be billed on an annual basis. The annual billing cycle is November 1 to October 31 and includes ticket delivery and premium services for that time frame. Click here to review the 2017 Fee Schedule and OKIE811’s official 2017 holidays. The 2017 Fee Schedule will be in effect November 1st, 2016. The key changes made to the fee schedule include:

  • Tickets vs. Notification Transmissions – In 2017 members will be billed per ticket rather than the number of transmissions.  
  • Ticket Fees for Municipalities – Municipalities with over 3,000 population will incur ticket fees. There will no longer be a core fee.
  • Ticket Fees for Rural Water, Sewer and Gas Districts – Rural districts with over 1,100 meters will incur ticket fees. There will no longer be a core fee.
  • Increased Surcharges – The surcharges for fax delivery and manual voice delivery has significantly increased. 
  • Output Maintenance Fees – Each member will receive at no charge, one output for each dispatch that is setup under their membership.  A yearly maintenance fee will be applied for each additional output per dispatch.  Additional outputs are any extra outputs beyond the primary output per dispatch.

During this time, we also ask that you please update your billing information to ensure we are contacting the appropriate personnel. You can manage your information online at www.okie811.org.
Updating or managing billing information online

  1. First, log into Member Portal (you may have to register first)
  2. Then scroll to bottom of Member Portal page to click on Billing Contacts
  3. Click the Update Billing Information button directly below

Please contact Member Services regarding questions about the 2017 Fee Schedule. We value your business and are continually looking for innovative ways to improve services for OKIE811 members.