Welcome to OKIE811!

Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma One-Call System, Inc. OKIE811 Members enjoy the benefit of robust Underground Facility Safety Education Program that educates everyone about the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act and spreads the “Dig Safely” message to lower the chance of possible damage to underground facilities. OKIE811 notifies members within moments after receiving information about excavation plans near their underground facilities. Your membership provides statewide protection for your underground assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To complete the membership process, please complete the Membership Application below. 

There is an initial one-time database setup fee of $325 that will be invoiced once your account is active. The Fee Schedule is available with the Membership Documents.

Please contact OKIE811 Member Services with any questions.

Member Services
[email protected]
1(800) 522-6544 or (405) 840-9955 ext. 7125
Fax: (405) 605-1629