Who should call in the locate request?

The excavator to ensure all correct information is collected about the dig site and the appropriate steps are taken to protect the underground facilities and the excavators.” Do not use old markings or another excavator’s locate request. Another excavator’s request may not accurately describe the proposed dig site which could result in a damage to a facility and/or injury. Therefore, the person/company doing the digging should submit the locate request.

Does OKIE811 locate underground facilities?

No. OKIE811 is a notification center that collects all the excavation details and transmits the information to the companies that have their underground facilities registered with us, which are members of OKIE811. The member companies are responsible for marking any facilities that they own or maintain.

Are the markings for the underground facility exact?

The approximate location of the underground facility is defined by law as a strip of land two (2) feet on either side of the underground facility. Remember to include the width of the facility!

Why weren’t the lines from my meter to my house located?

Some service lines extending from the property easement to the house belong to the homeowner and are considered privately owned. “Member companies may or may not mark service lines, but will not mark private lines. For private lines, local electricians, plumbers or a contract locator may be able to help you. The best course of action may be to contact the individual facility owner or operator.” For safety reasons, it’s important to know the location of these lines prior to excavation.

Examples of private lines: Water facilities from a meter to a home; Sewer lateral to a home; Electric line running to swimming pool pumps and heaters, irrigation systems or another building on the property.

What is the depth of my utilities?

OKIE811 does not obtain or have information on the depth of underground facilities. Please contact the utility companies for that information. Please know the depth of an underground facility can change due to erosion, landscaping, etc.

How long will it take to spot the facilities on an emergency request?

Per Oklahoma Statute, facility owners are given 3 business days to locate their facilities after receipt of your request from notification center. OKIE811 members (operators and facility owners) are notified within moments after an emergency locate request. Length of time before they locate will vary depending on the member. For an emergency locate request, location is done as soon as possible. Remember if you must dig, dig with care.

Which days are considered business days?

Business days are weekdays Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. This does not include legal holidays. Ticket submission times are based on the business days and should be taken into consideration for planning purposes. You may call in your locate request during Contact Center operating hours or submit a 3 business day web request 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a legal holiday falls during a business day, the Contact Center will only process emergency requests by telephone.

I have waited the required time and there are still no locates. What do I do?

A member is required to respond to the excavator’s locate request by either marking the ground with flags and/ or paint or by contacting the excavator via phone, fax or email within 3 business days . If neither have been done please contact OKIE811 to send out a second request. It is highly recommended that you do not dig until you have a response from all utility owners listed on your locate request.

I have hit a line, what should I do?

In order to get the facility repaired, you need to contact the owner of the facility and notify them damage has occurred. If your excavation is not complete or you need to have the facilities relocated, please contact our contact center and we can request the locators to return to the site to relocate the lines.

How much does it cost to use the OKIE811 service?

The service is FREE to anyone who digs—excavators, contractors, renters, residents, homeowners, business owners/operators, farmers and ranchers.

Will locators call me to make arrangements to come back if my gate was locked?

Since time is crucial for the customer service representative, locator and excavator, be sure to inform the customer service representative of any special instructions or needs you may have during the call. Make arrangements to secure pets and unlock gates to eliminate unnecessary travel time for the line locators. The locator may or may not return. If the locator has not returned within the 3 business days time period, please call back for a second request.