Trench DiggingOwners of underground facilities (telephone, cable TV, gas, electric, pipelines, sewer, traffic signals, and waterlines) are responsible for locating the lines that they own or maintain once they have been notified of the planned excavation. Water and sewer companies may locate main lines in easements and right-of-ways and lines to a meter, but may not locate the water facilities from a meter to a home or sewer lateral to a home. Electric companies may locate their lines to homes and businesses, but not those running to swimming pool pumps and heaters, irrigation systems or another building on the property. Some service lines extending from the property easement to the house belong to the homeowner and are considered privately owned.

Private underground facilities can be located by hiring a contract locator or a plumber that has access to locating equipment. If you have any doubts, please contact your utility companies for assistance. For safety reasons, it’s important to know the location of these lines prior to excavation.

Begin your project with the peace of mind and confidence in knowing you are utilizing safe excavation practices at home while preserving vital services, protecting property and saving lives!