FarmerFarmers & Ranchers

If you are a farmer or rancher, OKIE811 needs your help in preventing damages to underground lines. Following the dig safely process will help to keep your farm, family and community safe when performing deep excavations outside the scope of normal farming activities. 

The soil on your farm or ranch is rich with nutrients and minerals and underground gas, oil, water and other vital lines serving your community. Excavations, terracing projects, fence post, farm ponds or tiling subsoil can create a possible risk due to the depth of the excavations. A gouge, scrape or dent or other damages to lines or pipe coating may cause a leak or break.

No one digs more dirt that America’s farmers and ranchers. Understanding what is below ground will help you dig safely above ground. The service is FREE.

Farm Tap

If you are a Farm Tap customer, you receive natural gas from your local utility from a “tap” into an interstate high pressure transmission line. If your farm tap is located in a cultivated field, be sure to exercise extreme caution when performing farming activities near your farm tap. If you hear sounds of escaping gas, blowing dirt or see a cloud near your farm tap immediately call 911.


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