Your house contains many lines

All residential homes contain many kinds of underground utility lines. It's vitally important to your safety and the safety of your home and others to ensure their locations before starting any dig projects. Below are the types of utility markers we flag.

  • Proposed Excavation
  • Temporary Survey Markings
  • Electric Power Lines, Cables Conduit, Lightning Cables
  • Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum
  • Communication, Alarm, Conduit
  • Potable Water
  • Reclaimed Water, Irrigation, Slurry Lines
  • Sewer and Drain Lines

APWA Uniform Color Code

The APWA, American Public Works Association, developed a color code for temporarily marking underground facilities prior to excavation. The color code encourages all excavators, surveyors and engineers to use these colors to promote and eliminate damages to workers, general public and prevent service interruptions to vital underground utilities.

Marking underground utilities with paint, flags, surface markers and underground marking tapes allows all excavators to understand the types of facilities and the approximate locations and routes of buried lines.