Underground Damage Prevention's Biggest Day of the Year

Posted by Susan Bohl on 08/09/2016

August 11 is known as 811 Day across America and serves as a great way to remind those that dig, to always call 811 prior to starting in order  to have underground lines located. Calling 811 is free and easy! 

There’s no catch when making the free call to 811. The line locating service is absolutely free to you. 811 is the first step in safe digging and is the source of the little multicolored flags and paint you see on the ground. These colors indicate the type of buried lines in the area and warn those digging of what is below. 

OKIE811 is celebrating 811 Day this year in a variety of ways – teaming up with United Rentals, The Station, TLC Nursery, Marcum’s Nursery to share information about safe digging. Papa John’s is offering a special discount on August 11 if you use the promo code "OKIE811". The Sports Animal will be broadcasting from OKIE811 and will be helping to share the safe digging message. Finally, OKIE811 staff members will share information with spectators at Friday’s Tulsa Drillers baseball game.

As a non-profit organization, we’re proud to say we serve Oklahoman’s and over 1,200 underground facility owners and operators. It’s our primary focus to keep those digging safe and to help ensure underground lines do not get damaged. 811 Day may be the most important day of the year for OKIE811, but every day should be the most important day for those that want to dig safely and ensure damages are avoided.