Tips For Fall Projects

Posted by Jerry West on 11/11/2016

Much like spring, fall attracts many homeowners in Oklahoma who are starting that long list of chores such as: landscaping, rebuilding fences and other do-it-yourself outdoor projects. With the increase of activity, the capability of striking an underground utility line increases as well. Digging without contacting 811 can disrupt vital services to your area, can harm you and those round you and can have a potential for fines and large repair fees.

Many utility companies often bury their underground lines along pre-existing property lines. These could be in the same proximity you are considering for your next project! You may need to contact the local utility owner to make sure that you do not dig too close to utility service pedestals and meters. Be mindful of where you plant your greenery. While plants start off small, they could cause a potential problem as trees or shrubs grow and mature. Contact your local nursery and find out about growth information to get the most out of your trees and shrubs.

By contacting 811 at least two business days before you start your project, you get underground utility lines marked for free. Contacting 811 you will make sure your tree will provide all the benefit you want and you will ensure that your excavation project does not result in an unwelcome surprise to you, your family or neighbors!...How can you and your neighbor afford not to call?...Dig Safely Oklahoma


Jerry West-Damage Prevention Services Manager