OKIE811 Office Building

OKIE811 is Oklahoma’s One-Call System that manages all incoming locate requests. We have 65 total employees with over 45 Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) that take statewide locate requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We receive requests from those that call 811, call 1-800-522-OKIE, or from those that go online to our website and submit a web ticket. This is a FREE SERVICE. There is NO CHARGE to the excavator or homeowner.

OKIE811 has over 1,200 member companies that operate underground facilities across Oklahoma. When OKIE811 receives a locate request, we transmit a ticket to each underground facility operator that has services in the area. OKIE811 DOES NOT mark the lines; the facility operator sends a locator to the excavation site to mark the approximate location of their underground facilities in the area.

OKIE811 also provides safety and damage prevention services designed to promote public awareness about the importance of protecting our underground facilities. There are six damage prevention councils across each of the states tourism areas in addition to statewide Public Damage Prevention Regional Partner Councils. All play a valuable role in promoting safety.

Many of our member companies and locate companies help spread the message about “Calling 811 Before You Dig”, but this does not mean they work for OKIE811. OKIE811 provides the communication link between the caller and the underground facility owners. It is the facility owner’s reasonability to communicate where it is safe to dig by marking the area with flags and/or paint and through communications by phone, email or in person.

Overall, OKIE811 provides valuable tools and resources in preventing damages to public services. Our major strength is the commitment, dedication of our members to support the damage prevention message and to call before you dig. The OKIE811 Board of Directors, Operating Committee, Damage Prevention Councils, Regional Common Ground Alliance Partners and your OKIE811 staff are focused on safety, damage prevention and quality of service. The blending of talent, resources and commitment has continued to enhance and improve our services.